Intelligent Self-Shading Rooms: Electrochromatic Glass


A skylight company called Velux has developed a type of glass that can become dark or clear by flicking a switch, or via an intelligent automation system. The glass has special layers of material which turn dark when an electrical current is applied. The process is known as electrochromism, and it has also been applied in the automobile industry to automatically tint rear-view mirrors. Essentially replacing blinds, the glass can control glare, solar heat and UV radiation. Velux has limited number of sizes available and more are scheduled to be in production later in the year. They are still several times the cost of a traditional skylight with a shade, but they could be especially useful in places where it is difficult to access the skylight. Operating the windows takes only a small amount of electricity. According to Velux, "[I]t takes less electricity to operate a house full of SageGlass products than to operate a single 40-watt light bulb." EcoGeek notes that this glass could be powered by thin-film solar glass, such as the Lumiwall designed by Sharp. :: Via: Sage Glass via EcoGeek