Insulation Rebate for Home Owners


Sustainability Victoria in Australia reckon that its state residents lose up to 40% through their roofs in winter and gain 30% of unwanted heat in summer through the same oversight. 20% of Victorian homes are thought to have no insulation. A problem particularly for low income families who are not only wasting money in heating and cooling bills, but are generating up to 2.2 tonnes of unnecessary greenhouse gases annually. So that state’s outgoing Climate Change Minister made his last ministerial decree at the end of July 07, offering rebates for home insulation. The government will give homeowners $300 if they install ceiling insulation of R3.5 or higher into a house built before 1991. A $500 rebate will also be offered to landlords if their tenants are concession card holders (social benefit). The program takes effect from 13 August 2007. The minister John Thwaite said "Climate change is going to have a big effect on low income people. We need to make sure when we act on climate change that we don't make people more disadvantaged but we help low income people to reduce their energy bills." NB: Please note that Australia and New Zealand adhere to SI (International System of Units) for insulation, whereas USA, UK and Canada chose not to. So R (resistance) values for insulation get very confusing. Roughly speaking it is about 1 SI to 6 Non-SI R values, thus R3.5 in Australia is near to R21 in the USA. ::Sustainability Victoria, via ABC.

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