Instant Table, Just Add Cohda Legs!

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Image from Cohda

Sometimes an idea is so simple that you can't understand how it wasn't invented before. Like these good looking table legs by Cohda design.

Just add a top of any description, and these Revive legs, made of cast-off equipment found in the UK, will make it a table. The legs come in orange and black and can be attached in an instant. It's a clever solution to a furniture problem.

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Image from Cohda

The designers suggest a table top that is made from something recycled. They also emphasize the low carbon footprint of this design. The legs can be transported easily and little or no tools are needed to put it together as an end table, 'phone table or coffee table.

This is all in keeping with the Cohda design ethic which is based on their concern for the environment and recycling--how many people make chairs out of plastic bags. We first discovered Cohda in 2006 at a home interiors show, where their recycled plastic bag chairs were a stand-out amongst the other products in terms of sophistication of design and concern for the environment.


Since then they have gone from strength to strength, with an appearance at the influential Milan Furniture Fair with their new design: the RD21 chair, also made out of plastic bags. : Cohda Design

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