Insane "Home of the Future" Being Built on Roof of Chinese Mall


From our friends at Fast Company, "bridging the fuzzy border between design and business."

Will all homes resemble this one, sometime in the year 3000? Eek, let's hope not! The house of the future has arrived, and it looks like a rave collided with the set of Jurassic Park. We're doomed!


We kid, we kid. In all seriousness, though: If this concept, by Australia's Laboratory for Visionary Architecture Asia Pacific (LAVA), is any indication, tomorrow's homes will embrace the Great Outdoors as readily as post-war homes embraced Tupperware -- all while incorporating the latest, sexiest tech. Per the press release: "LAVA's Home of the Future is a showcase for future living, with nature, technology and man in a new harmony."


Details are pretty scant on this thing, but what we do know is this: The structure is a geodesic dome with a breathable ETFE roof, which provides "a year-round microclimate that opens up the home to a garden filled with sun, light and fresh air." It features a tropical indoor garden, "internal/external bathroom zones," and "sunken bedrooms with dream inducing lighting."

At night, the whole place transforms into "an otherworldly experience, with the underlying technology, the electronic veins of the system, coming to life." Why you'd want your house to go banging around at bedtime beats the hell out of us, but maybe in the future we won't need sleep.

Obviously, people come up with far-flung ideas like this all the time, and they never really go anywhere. The difference here is that LAVA's concept is actually being built -- on the roof of a shopping mall in Beijing, of all places. Living on a mall: Now that sounds like doomsday.

By Suzanne LaBarre at Fast Company

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