Innovative 8-Wheeled Skateboard Glides Over Stairs, No Problem (Video)

Po Chih Lai Stair Rover© Po Chih Lai

There's more than one way to get down a flight of stairs on a skateboard, and for those who aren't up for a death-defying ollie or boardsliding down the railing just before you roll into say, the office (or wherever), then this neat stair-crawling, eight-wheeled skateboard may be just the ticket.

Po Chih Lai Stair Rover© Po Chih Lai

Nicknamed the Stair Rover (or Stairboard), this intriguing prototype was created by designer Po Chih Lai using aluminum, maple, bamboo, rubber and PVC after many trials. See the video of the board in action, as it seems to literally glide over the stairs:

STAIR ROVER from Po-Chih Lai on Vimeo.

In response to the urban and cultural zeitgeist in which he lives, Lai's fascination with extreme sports and the sophisticated urban landscape of London were the inspirations behind the Stair Rover. He notes that his motivation is to expand the possibilities of exploration that skateboarding can offer:

It leads me to craft a new hybrid sport around the classic skateboard and novel stair climbing mechanism. The project aims to create a new experience for users to rove along the landscape of the city. This advanced boarding activity turns boundaries and restrictions into a positive and creative physical enquiry into the ever changing kinesis of the urban ecostytem.

Po Chih Lai Stair Rover© Po Chih Lai

This a pretty neat invention that could help open more people up to the possibility of using the skateboard as an option for regular, car-free commuting around the city -- and not just for cool tricks! See more of the creative process behind the Stair Rover's design over at Po Chih Lai's site.

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