InModern: A Better Way to Build Furniture


Though TreeHugger's pro-design, (mostly) pro-product perspective has been misinterpreted by some, we still think it's really important to highlight as much good industrial and product design as we can. Why? Aside from looking really cool, it showcases that there is a better way to do things. Better materials, better manufacturing processes and better designs built to last all add up to a lighter footprint, and that's why we like to train the spotlight on companies like InModern: because they do it better than conventional alternatives. Using FSC-certified birch plywood (finished with non-toxic lacquers) that doesn't employ hardware (bolts, screws, nuts, or even glue) or tools to assemble, it's all manufactured here in the US. They have the beginnings of four different collections so far; the Linear collection (coffee table w/magazine storage is pictured) is the most complete, and they have some good looking stuff in the "coming soon" section of the others ("rekindle", "surfin" and "intown" -- more pics after the jump). We don't recommend that you go out and buy it all right now, or that you put solar panels on your McMansion and call that "green enough", but you should know about InModern and their better, greener way of designing and building furniture. ::InModern via tipster Zach


Intown occasional table


Surfin magazine rack, and check out the Rekindle collection, coming soon.