Inhabitat Has the Goods on Green Roofs


Green roofs are hot, and we couldn't be happier. While we've contributed our share of posts to the discussion and promotion of green roofing, we've also been impressed with the frequent considerations of this topic around the Green Blogosphere. One of our favorite green blogs, Inhabitat, has devoted a number of posts to green roofs over the past year, and deepened our understanding of the benefits of this technology, the design potential inherent in them, and the cutting-edge thinking that sees green roofing as only the first step in adapting ecological principles into building construction. Jill Fehrenbacher, Sarah Rich and crew have dug deeply into the subject, looking not only at the environmental benefits, but also the aesthetic and economic possibilities. Sarah took time to sit down with Paul Kephart of Rana Creek Habitat Restoration and Living Architecture for a fascinating two-part interview on the growing installation of green roofs on new and existing buildings, and the changes in thinking occurring in design, architectural and construction sectors regarding green and living roofs in terms of beauty and function. They've also taken a look at Chicago's embrace of green roofing, including its Green Roof Grant Program that awards twenty $5000 grants annually to businesses and residents willing to experiment with green roofs on their buildings and homes.

Of course, we're only noting a small sampling of Inhabitat's wealth of information on green roofs. For further information on the subject, also check out, which describes itself as the green roof industry portal. ::Inhabitat