INDEX Award winner: Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi

TreeHugger is at the INDEX: Design to improve life Awards in Copenhagen. The challenge is to "Inspire, Educate and Engage in designing sustainable solutions to global challenges." Here are the winners; greater detail will follow.

The Raspberry Pi has been a staple on TreeHugger and was no surprise in the Play and Learning category. Eben Upton explained that they expected to sell perhaps a thousand of the $35 computers in Cambridge, but it has become a phenomenon around the world.

The dramatic digitalization of our world requires future generations to be equipped with special skills, enabling them to steer the helm of the computer age. To address this, computer scientists from University of Cambridge developed the Raspberry Pi , a tiny and highly affordable computer that can be used by people all over the world.

Why the judges liked it:

The ability to provide kids with a tool that can help them understand computer coding and the ability to distribute computer power widely for very little money: In our globalized world, many of us are illiterates to a language, which increasingly characterizes our world and our choices. That language is computer encoding and this illiteracy means that few of us are actually able to understand, let alone write the programs that - everyday - decide what we buy online, who we are friends with on Facebook, and what answers we are offered when we are Googling. Raspberry Pi is a part of the solution of this serious illiteracy.

The low price of Raspberry Pi ensures that creativity and play can be added to children and young people's use of computers and programming. Raspberry Pi is awarded as a market leader with a very open approach to sharing, which actively encourages other companies to clone what they’re doing.


What they are going to do with the €100,000 prize money:

Raspberry Pi Foundation will use the €100,000 from winning INDEX: Award 2013 to pay one year's salary and expenses for one new full-time and one new part-time employee for the Raspberry Pi Foundation. Both employees will work on producing original educational support material for the Raspberry Pi, and on repackaging permissively licensed third-party material into a standardized format.

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INDEX Award winner: Raspberry Pi
The TreeHugger favorite wins in the Play and Learning category in the INDEX: Design for Life

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