INDEX Award winner: Copenhagen's Climate Action Plan

Copenhagen climate plan

TreeHugger is at the INDEX: Design to improve life Awards in Copenhagen. The challenge is to "Inspire, Educate and Engage in designing sustainable solutions to global challenges." Here are the winners; greater detail will follow.

I rolled my eyes a bit when I learned that the host city of the design awards won a top prize. Then you come here and see what is going on. Cycling infrastructure everywhere. A harbour so clean that people are swimming in it. They are doing things here that other cities dream about or just ignore.

Danish capital Copenhagen receives INDEX: Award 2013 for the city's climate adaptation plan, a plan that provides a unique and robust framework for a massive influx of sustainable design solutions in the future....Denmark's capital, Copenhagen, found a way to connect and address the climate changes in one master plan – The city’s Climate Adaptation Plan, aiming to prepare Copenhagen for the future by developing the Danish capital as a climate proof, attractive, and green city. The plan is one of two winners in the COMMUNITY category of INDEX: Award 2013, and jury member Arnold S. Wasserman calls it "a foresight of critical importance."

Copenhagen climate plan© INDEX

What the judges liked about it.

The INDEX: Award jury's motivations for awarding this design is that in a year where climate adaptation plans are mandatory in all municipalities throughout Denmark - and a central focus of city administrations around the world - Copenhagen Climate Adaptation Plan really stands out with its main focus on seeing flooding and climate adaptation as a resource rather than a problem, benefiting businesses and citizens alike. Thus, by rethinking climate adaptations as a whole, via in-depth analyzes, the Danish capital will use excess water as a vital resource - while implementing flexible design solutions that reduce construction work and saves money for the city.

Copenhagen climate plan© INDEX

What they are doing with the prize money

Copenhagen City will use the award sum of €100,000 to boost Copenhagen's new climate adaptation projects, e.g. in the demonstration project for climate change adaptation solutions in the densely populated St. Kjeld's Square area of Eastern Copenhagen.

The money will be used specifically with a focus on creating innovative design solutions and involving local citizens. In addition, the €100,000 is to be used on promoting and publicizing the opportunities that climate change adaptation provides - for citizens, designers and businesses.

INDEX Award winner: Copenhagen's Climate Action Plan
The home of the INDEX design awards wins a prize. Coincidence? Not.

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