Incredible Panorama of a Street in Detroit


Every time I write about Detroit, its promise and its great architecture that should be saved, people who live there post comments suggesting that I don't know what I am talking about. JDG at Sweet Juniper, a website written by " just two more people raising their kids in the most dangerous city in America" stitches together a panorama of both sides of a single street in Detroit that perhaps proves they are right.


Jdg suggests:

If you were to compare the current international housing crisis to a black hole sucking the equity out of our homes, this one-way street near the northern border of Detroit might just be the singularity: the point where the density of the problem defies anyone's ability to comprehend it.


Perhaps one can take comfort in a final quote:

Eventually the burned houses will collapse; the boarded-up houses will burn. Someday it will all be green.

Sweet Juniper, via BoingBoing
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