Incredible Interactive OLED Installation Lights up London Art Fair

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An incredible OLED installation delighted art fair goers at the weekend in London. 'You Fade To Light' is an interactive art work by London based design studio rAndom International, developed in collaboration with Philips. Using a total of 1064 Philips warm white Lumiblade OLEDs the rAndom International team created a suspended wall of light which reacted to people's movements as they walked in front of it. This is what it looked like...

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Reflected Light
Visitors to The Pavilion of Art & Design in London's Berkley Square, were transfixed by the interactive nature of rAndom International's OLED installation. The hundreds of tiny perfectly mirrored Lumiblade screens reflected people's own images, until they moved and then suddenly an array of light spread across the wall echoing their movement. The beautiful effect was the transition from mirror to bright white light which then faded gently through the grey scale to dark again.

You Fade To Light OLED installation photo
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Custom Made Technology
The apparent magic of 'You Fade To Light' was in the minimalism of the design, just a floating wall of tiny mirrors which lights up at the wave of a hand. Many people didn't spot the small camera peeping though the Lumiblade screens from behind the wall. The clever custom made software, that connects the camera to the OLEDs, was developed by Chris O'Shea. This amazing display of lighting innovation uses unique OLEDs from the world's first-ever production line for OLED lighting at Philips in Aachen, Germany.

rAndom-International OLED installation photo

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OLEDs Incredible Creative Potential
The rAndom International team couldn't say when Lumiblade OLEDs would be available on the commercial market, but it is clear to see that Philips are investing time and money in exploring the technical and creative scope of this energy efficient lighting technology. Philips say:

Even though Philips has just begun unlocking the potential of OLEDs, they already offer unique characteristics and capabilities that can redefine lighting, and the way we use and experience it. There is their homogenous output, unusual appearance, low heat emission, extremely flat nature and high degree of controllability. These offer designers, artists, architects and others great freedom in creating groundbreaking new lighting concepts and experiences.

The engaging beauty of 'You Fade To Light' is an amazing indication of the creative potential of OLEDs. If what rAndom International can come is just the start, we're very excited to see what Lumiblade lights up next!

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