In the UK, Even Boathouses Are Passivhaus

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In North America, Passivhaus or Passive House designs are still rare; in Europe, it is becoming the new standard. Most buildings built to the standard are residential, but at King's School in Worcester, Associated Architects are building a Passivhaus Boathouse for their rowing program.

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The premise of reduction is adhered to here, with the annual heating demand below Passivhaus standard <15kWh/m2 and airtightness at Q50=0.6m3/m2hr. Renewable energy features prominently with a mix of solar thermal to supply 75% of hot water and solar PV for 50% of electrical demand. Heating will be supplied by a wood pellet biomass boiler.

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The program includes boat storage, changing, training, teaching and a community reception space.

The Passivhaus standard is usually applied to dwellings, but according to the PassivhausUK website,

The term 'PassivHaus' refers to a specific construction standard for buildings which have excellent comfort conditions in both winter and summer. These principles can be applied not only to the residential sector but also to commercial, industrial and public buildings.

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