In Norway, a Landscape Hotel Surrounds Its Guests with Nature, But It's No Cheap Trip

juvet-hotel photo

Photos courtesy of JSA Architects + Juvet Hotel

The Juvet Landscape Hotel in Gudbrandsjuvet, Norway is accurately named. Its seven rooms (each a separate building) offer spectacular views of the surrounding area: mountains, streams, valleys, and, no one room can be seen from any other. Once you get over staring out the window and get yourself outdoors, you can ski (even in summer), hike, go white water rafting, camp, and visit the Geirangerfjord Mountain Farm, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


The Juvet Landscape Hotel, the work of Jensen & Skodvin Architecture is a fantastic reminder of what nature can offer, and why it's worth saving. But with a 1,000,000 euro price tag ($1.28 million) to build it and room rates starting at 210 euros per person per day (a package including all of the mentioned activities runs 360 euros per person per day), it's far from the simplest, greenest way to get outside. Factor in the carbon footprint of getting there, and it's even less so. But you don't have to feel guilty drooling over the photos, and daydreaming just a bit.

Check out more photos via ArchDaily.

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