LED Imitation steampunk bulbs coming to your hipster coffee shop soon

Eurofase closeup
CC BY 2.0 Lloyd Alter/ LEDs are so good now they have even gone steampunk

Every hipster coffee shop, bar and izakaya this side of Kyoto is obsessed with stupid old steampunk incandescent bulbs, the most inefficient ones that pump out that really warm, flattering light at a colour temperature so low you can probably stick the glowing bulb in your pocket.

Over the years we have shown a few attempts at making better fake old bulbs out of LEDs but they never quite got there, but a visit to IIDEX Canada, the big commercial interior design show, indicates that they are getting close.

Eurofase bulbsLloyd Alter/ Eurofase bulbs/CC BY 2.0
This appropriately steampunk installation by Eurofase, all made up of iron pipe and plumbing fittings, shows how good they are actually getting. Eurofase actually makes fixtures, and is introducing a line that is made of plumbing hardware and pipe, it is really that seventies show of high tech all over again:

Really, everything old is new again.

Old fashioned bulbsLloyd Alter/CC BY 2.0

The Chinese manufacturers are on the case as well, like these from the Shenzhen iLamp Technology Company.

Years ago, the NRDC complained to the New York Times that "It boggles the mind that in these times of economic hardship and interest in environmental sustainability that restaurant owners would choose the light bulb that uses 5 to 10 times more power than the other bulbs on the market.” They don’t have to anymore, the bulbs have caught up.

LED Imitation steampunk bulbs coming to your hipster coffee shop soon
They are finally getting good enough to fool you into thinking they are old and incandescent.

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