Ikea's Cookbook Looks Like...Ikea

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Images from IKEA

Ikea has published a cookbook... Does it contain flatpack food? Do you need an Allen key to make it? Is it out of stock? Is it beautiful?

Yes to the last question. Called "Hembakat ar Bast" (Homemade is Best) the book is lavishly illustrated in a witty and functional fashion; sort of like their products. Read on to find out what dish this picture represents...

food ikea photo

It is a 140 page coffee-table recipe book, containing 30 classic Swedish baking recipes--everything from small biscuits to large cakes. For each recipe, there are two images: one of the ingredients and one of the finished item.

Ikea says that "We let ourselves be inspired by high fashion and Japanese minimalism." They wanted to focus on the ingredients and they do look like a still-life. You could hang each one on the wall, over your Billy shelves. The book is free--in Sweden, in Swedish.

semlor ikea photo

The pictures are so stark and geometric, they almost seem like abstract art. It is styled by Evelina Bratell and photographed by Carl Kleiner.

orange ikea photo

And the answers are...first picture: gingerbread cookies, second: almond cakes, third: marzipan buns and the last: Finnish fingers.


Image from Kondis

They have an app too... and it looks pretty delicious. It contains the same recipes. For the guilty or food obsessives, it talks to you while you train in the gym; telling you exactly how much exercise you have left to do before you've earned the cake that you have chosen to bake. Then you can make it, and eat it, knowing that you have already burned off the calories in advance.

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