IKEA Sells Used Furniture (Only in Sweden for Now)

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Might Expand to Other Countries
Speaking of "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle", IKEA Sweden wants to make it easier for owners of old IKEA furniture to give it a second life. Against their own commercial interest, the company is offering a free online platform where sellers and buyers can find themselves, and they aren't even taking a cut of the transactions. Read on for more details.
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According to Peter Agnefäll, CEO of IKEA Sweden, the launch of the used furniture marketplace was a step in proving that IKEA is serious about its environmental stewardship. Members of the company's customer loyalty program, IKEA Family, can post and sell their items for free. Membership is free, and to that end, Agnefäll says the company does not expect to make any money from this service. He also expects the program to take some time, but in the long run, IKEA does not expect its sales to suffer. At the same time, he dismissed any assertions that IKEA was trying to establish a foothold in the second-hand goods industry, a valid concern to some after last year, when the company had a naming rights issue with a used furniture clearinghouse, ILoveIkea.se. After IKEA took legal action, the site changed its name to Billyandfriends.se. (source)

Is this really needed when we have Craigslist (which already has classified ads for basically the whole IKEA catalogue)? Well, it probably can't hurt, especially if IKEA's platform gives more details about the furniture that is being sold and makes trying to compare between products easier.

Second-hand "pre-loved" furniture definitely is greener than brand new furniture, especially since there's so much used furniture on the market.

Via TIME, Triple Pundit
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