IDS11: Theo And Sarah Richardson's Sibling Rivalry

richardson sibling rivalry photo

There is always a theme of some kind at the Interior Design Show; this year it was sibling rivalry, where sibling teams work together to build a display. Some, like longtime TreeHugger favourites Brothers Dressler work together full time; others are working together for the first time, like Toronto designer Sarah Richardson and her brother, Theo Richardson, who works in New York as part of Rich Brilliant Willing. He was arranging the booth on Thursday when Graham Hill announced that he was honourable mention in the LifeEdited competition.

richardson sibling rivalry photo

I will confess that I am not a fan of Sarah Richardson's style; she describes it herself as "soft and pretty." Theo is a bit edgier, and the combination of their talents worked, with a lot of recycled and vintage furniture, mixed and matched stuff used out of context.

Sarah describes how she tried to "reverse engineer" Theo's designs; each room is inspired by one of his products. See more of the rooms at Sarah Richardson Designs.


I mentioned earlier my admiration for the towering Brothers Dressler; I found their room to be surprisingly flat, more like a showroom of their stuff, and impossible to photograph. Some earlier, more fawning posts:

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