IDS10: The Young Creatives

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Three years ago, every booth at Toronto's Interior Design Show was shilling green. But it is no longer the new black; it seems to have fallen off the design radar completely among the mainstream exhibitors. Fortunately there was Studio North, an exhibit of work by mostly young, creative designers, many of whom did appear to have some concern about what their stuff was made of and how it was used.

Umbrella Cabinetry built this table entirely from post consumer waste; pallet straps, skids, and salvaged glass.

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The Brothers Dressler "think elegant and simple constructions from the past are worth saving." They tood chairs from a defunct factory and reinforced them with locally sourced and responsibly harvested walnut, leather off-cuts, recycled felt and salvaged hardware.

The two towering twin brothers have been on TreeHugger before:
Chair by the Brothers Dressler
Bare Sofa: Inner Beauty and Sustainable Design by the Brothers Dressler
Brothers Dressler on Repurposed Materials

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Smash is "a Toronto-based store and gallery that specializes in industrial and architectural salvage and contemporary art and design." This wall unit is built entirely out of old drawers.

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Breathe Architects offer this wall hanging made from felt and old drawing tubes that they claim has an insulating value of R7. That sounds a bit much for a layer of felt, but Martin knows his stuff:
Wilson House by Breathe Architects
aerieLOFT: A Prefab Sanctuary in the Woods
Martin Liefhebber on Embodied Energy of Existing Buildings
10 Years Later: The Healthy House

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It isn't particularly green, but everyone loved the Radio Canada, a radio that gets only Canada's version of NPR, that's it. With the CBC logo cut into the face as the grille. It is designed by Tristan Zimmerman of Science + Sons, also responsible for the fabulous Phonophone.

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