I.D. Magazine March/April 2007: Don't Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful

This month's I.D. magazine is dedicated to ornament, decoration, and eye candy for the sake of having something nice to look at. While it may seem that these ideas are diametrically opposed to the general tenets of TreeHugger-dom, it doesn't have to be this way. Aesthetics and good looks can, and do, intermingle with sustainability (something that TreeHugger has tried to point out as often as possible over the past two-plus years). Take, for example, the feature on Dutch designer Maaten Baas (page 32), who specializes in creating pieces unavailable from the "regular design world" by using flea-market junk and a welding torch (among other things). His work is so well regarded that his workshop of a dozen co-designers can't keep up with the demand from people like Ian Schrager (who put Baas' work in his Gramercy Park Hotel). There's also a quick peek at New Orleans' new Global Green Resource Center, a sustainable materials library and advocacy group that provides "low-cost, high-impact solutions to ecological and economic crises" at no cost to homeowners. "'Affordability and sustainability are deeply connected,' notes the center's director, Beth Galante, a New Orleans native and one-time environmental lawyer who runs the place with artist/builder John Moore." The center has just started up LEED seminars with the American Institute of Architects and a $2 million Green Schools construction consulting process, and plans are in the works for a partnership with local manufacturers to develop prefab composite insulation panels; more on the center is available through Global Green's website. For some truly ornamental design, though, we have to look no further than the AirPod (page 41), the tiny, ultra-efficient, ultra-sleek air purifier that bears striking resemblance to a consumer electronic of similar name. Lots more to see in the March/April issue of I.D. and at idonline.com. ::I.D. magazine

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