Icon: 50 Manifestos

The iconic UK architectural magazine ICON asked 50 designers to provide manifestos, an extremely loaded architectural term where architects try to put into words what they stand for, usually incomprehensible, like Peter Eisenman's " The crisis of the spectacular demands a call for a new subjectivity, for a subject removed from the passivity induced by the image and engaged by form in close reading." Yves Behar, shown at left, was straight and to the point; Ken Livingstone, Richard Rogers and Peter Bishop want

"Beautiful and accessible buildings, with low environmental impacts and the ability to adapt to changing uses and a changing climate.

Inspiring, well managed public spaces that everyone can use, from pavements to parks

Neighbourhoods that blend old and new, respecting London’s heritage,
and creating places for a diverse population

Transport infrastructure that makes moving around the city easy,
pleasurable and environmentally responsible

Some contributors just phoned them in; others are insightful and inspiring. Collect them all at ::Icon

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