I Wish This Was: Dreaming Of A Better Place

i wish this was sticker campaign new orleans photo

Designer Candy Chang complains that New Orleans is full of vacant storefronts; she notes that her neighbourhood is still without a grocery store. She wishes things were different, and made "fill-in-the-blank stickers to provide an easy tool to voice what we want, where we want it."

It is a good idea that could work in a lot more places than just New Orleans; I could think of few things to wish for where I Iive.i wish this was sticker campaign new orleans photo

There is so much broken infrastructure in our cities around North America, so many empty storefronts on our mainstreets. So many of Cathy's issues are universal.

i wish this was sticker campaign new orleans photo

If you are in New Orleans, it is easy:

These free stickers can be found in corner stores, cafes, bookstores, bars, hair salons, and other places around NOLA. They're also waiting for your thoughts on vacant storefronts and blighted houses around the city. Scroll down for a sample of responses so far. Add your photos to the Flickr pool (tag your photos "iwishthiswas") or email photos or locations. This project launched at the Ethnographic Terminalia exhibit at Du Mois Gallery Nov-Dec 2010 and continues on. Responses will be mapped and made sense of in the coming months. Visit the project site here.

i wish this was sticker campaign new orleans photo

Cathy says that she has "received many kind words and requests to spread the sticker love to other cities around the world." She is figuring out how to produce and distribute them. More at I wish this was.

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