The HydraDuo Water Bottle Stores Two Beverages So You Don’t Have to Choose

Now here's an idea for a reusable water bottle -- one that holds water and another beverage. The container has two reservoirs that can each hold a different drink so you can have choices while out and about, because you just know you've been out somewhere with your reusable water bottle and thought, "Man, I really wish this were ice tea instead of water." Okay maybe you haven't, but now at least you don't have to face the possibility of that moment.

The HydraDuo has a dual-lid top that seals each chamber individually, and is made with BPA-free plastic that is dishwasher safe. You just pop out the two inner chambers, wash everything up, and pop them back in with a rubber stopper ring to keep the liquids from leaking.

If anything, it kinda makes me want to put two flavors of fruit punch in there and drink them at the same time... kinda like a box of Nerds where you know you blend the flavors even though they come out of separate ends of the box.

Listed on Quirky, the HydraDuo is definitely just that. But in an awesome way. And I like their suggestions for what to carry in it: "Water and Gatorade? Apple juice and orange juice? Rum and coke? Carry one and drink two with HydraDuo."

Preorder it on Quirky for $17.50

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