Hybrid Living Home Almost Complete


Hybrid Technologies, the same company that had a hand in the Mullen GT, is almost done building the Hybrid Living Home. Through a bevy of alternative energy and 'smart home' features, the house is designed to be completely off the grid, and is designed to be compatible with Hybrid Technologies' Lithium-battery powered vehicles, allowing for a totally emission-free lifestyle. In what amounts to a you-want-it-they-got-it list of alternative energy technologies and eco-friendly building materials and practices, the house is an engineering and eco-space showcase. Check out this list of specs:Alternative Energy Features:
  • Roof mounted wind turbines and photovoltaics to provide DC electricity for the operations of the home
  • Roof mounted focusing parabolic Solar Thermal panels to provide a heating source with installation of an Active Heat Sink below the home to store heat year-round
  • Earth Tubes to draw fresh outside air into the home through an underground piping system into a heat recovery unit
  • Lithium iCeL electrical storage and power management system to provide multiple energy storage access stations located throughout the home

Base Elements

  • Recycled rubber roofing shingles with a minimum of 40 yr. warranty
  • Low V.O.C paints used throughout to help eliminate "off-gassing"
  • Water based finishes used on woodwork and water based urethane finishes on wood floors

  • Natural fiber material carpet - tacked, not glued
  • All shelves and countertops made with formaldehyde-free materials. Solid wood and natural products used extensively
  • Indoor moisture control program
  • Recycled broken concrete under garage slab and base for driveway

Energy Elements

  • Energy efficient site design - home orientation with regard to solar access and prevailing winds
  • High efficiency "Opal" fireplaces that are designed to provide heating to the entire home through a duct-work system
  • DC powered appliances
  • Waterfall feature to provide humidity
  • Energy Star-rated triple pane wood windows with low emissive glass
  • Injected organic fibre wall insulation for all wall, ceiling and rim joist cavities. Formaldehyde-free insulation for interior partitions
  • Energy Star light fixtures

Environmental Elements

  • High-efficiency air filtration using UV and ionization filtration

  • Septic heat recovery system to recover heat
  • Water conservation program - includes rain water harvesting, low flow showerheads, faucets and toilets
  • All interior wood finishes to be sustainable, renewable, high yield and only from approved plantations (Lyptus, Bamboo, Cork)
  • Recycled content sheathing, insulation, exterior decking, roofing materials and batten material
  • Ecological design - Designing with the sun and the climate, using existing resources to minimize the disruption to the existing trees and other aspects of the local habitat
  • Landscaping features to incorporate "Xeriscaping" - promoting native species while conserving water and energy
  • Recycle or re-use job site waste - job site recycling plan

Whew! The company has contracted the services of Enviro Customs Homes, of Calgary, Alberta to act as the general contractors for the project. In addition, Your Energy Company Inc. will be providing the bulk of the alternative energy features and smartSPACE Technologies Inc will be providing the many Smart Home features. The home is scheduled to be completed sometime this month. ::Hybrid Living Home via ::The Auto Channel