Hurricane-Proof Monolithic Concrete Home with Shielded SPV Panels

Someone was paying attention when we posted earlier about the challenge presented to Green Building in a hurricane zone. Or like minds follow similar paths. Regardless, the design-build project at Lunarcon looks promisingly cool. We have it direct from them that the building integrated solar panels for this home under construction will come with accordian-style hurricane covers. Apparently, they take a modular approach, with each "unit" (one is shown in this picture) containing stand-alone solar panels, circuits, and backup. [Once the practical stuff is in-hand, let's hope some serious attention gets paid to appearance.] The modules can be linked together according to customers' space and layout needs. Lunarcon already has drop in hurricane shelters for sale, as shown on their main page. These 'drop-ins' give "shelter in place" a whole new dimension: good for a family or group of up to six to take refuge in during a hurricane or tornado. The decorated ones shown indicate it would be possible to artfully integrate them into landscape designs. Aftermarket opportunity here for creative TreeHuggers. If we lived in Florida we'd want the drop-in shelter with integrated SPV panels capable of keeping the wine and cheese cooler going, plus lights and stuff. Got to have some 12V fans too.