Hurdle Lighting: Set It Up; Flip It Down


Don't let the simplistic-looking design or ironic name throw you; Hurdle Lighting offers more than meets the eye, and is actually designed to remove barriers, rather than put them up. Named for its shape when "lying down," the task lighting system offers two ways to illuminate your desk; put it upright, and it resembles a traditional task light (pictured above), set it down, and it looks more like its namesake (pictured after the fold). The really cool part: a sensor in the lamp tells it where to shine the light, which sounds crazy but appears to work; there's a picture that better explains it after the jump. The smart, slender design keeps it out of your way on the desk, and we like the quick-changing functionality of the simple form. Sadly, it's but a prototype at the moment, having just been named a finalist for the Lightouch Design 07 Competition; we'll be in line when it hits the market. The pics after the jump offer insight into its multi-functionality. ::Lightouch via ::SciFi Tech



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