Humorous Site Attacks Pointless "Green" Design

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The other day I wrote that green fatigue may be an opportunity to communicate better, arguing that by moving beyond the term “green” we may be able to connect better with the everyday concerns of a mainstream audience. Paul Gilmore believes he may have a new term, and he calls it Jubbling. Quite what “Jubbling” means remains a mystery to me, but if his no-nonsense, thrift- and common sense-focused website is anything to go by, it’s about using less, buying less, and generally moving away from a mindless consumer culture. It’s not necessarily about abandoning all stuff (you’ve got to love your stuff!), but it is about avoiding unnecessary and pointless stuff even (maybe especially!) if is is marketed as "eco". As this hilariously snide post about a designer cat box with green roof so aptly demonstrates, Paul has a lot to say about pointless design:

It’s called the Kokon Kennel and from the picture, the cat seems pretty happy in it. But what you can’t see in the image is the pissed off spouse of the person who just shelled out $350 for this well designed and yet extremely unnecessary cat bed with plant on top. I went to the Pousse Créative’s* website hoping to find out that these structures were made from recycled diapers or to benefit orphanages but no luck. This is just a plant on an expensive pet bed that can easily be duplicated using a potted fern and a cardboard box.

Humorous Site Attacks Pointless "Green" Design
Jubbling's creators say they want consuming less to be, well, less consuming. And they've got a lot to say about pointless green crap.

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