HSBC Tower Gets Mexico's First LEED Gold Rating

We admit we should have jumped on this news earlier, like in late 2007, but better late than never to report that the HSBC Tower in downtown Mexico City is the first building in Latin America to receive LEED Gold certification from the Mexico Green Building Council, an institution that promotes and certifies sustainable and environmentally friendly design and construction. Fortunately a columnist for the Mexican paper Cronica recently visited the building and called it to our attention, praising its beauty and HSBC for its initiative.

According to the Mexico Green Building Council, the HSBC ‘Torre' building has notably implemented energy efficiency, potable water reduction, waste water technologies, waste management and environmentally friendly recycled furniture. The building also has Latin America's largest green roof and a water treatment plant.

According to Ken Hydes, chair of the World Green Building Council, "The LEED Gold certification of the HSBC Tower in Mexico City represents a major milestone in the development of sustainable office buildings in Mexico and throughout the Latin America region." The initiative is in fact part of a larger strategy on the part of HSBC to green its facilities around the world. By 2011, the HSBC Financial Group aims to achieve a minimum of LEED-Gold certification or equivalent in 50 of its major buildings. According to John Rendall, the chief operating officer of HSBC Financial Group, HSBC plans to green 1,400 other buildings and branches throughout Mexico over the next 10 years. :: Via Cronica (Spanish link)

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