How Would You Reuse Your Television?

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The environmental impact of flat screen TVs has been a topic on TreeHugger for some time now. But as flat screens slowly but surely replace traditional sets, and as digital TV becomes the norm in many nations, TV sets are ending up in landfill in huge numbers. That's why Austrailian publication ReNew Magazine is holding a reuse your television competition in an attempt to crowd source ideas for useful second lives for our unloved boob tubes:

As the humble old idiot box is replaced by the flatscreen and Australia prepares to switch to digital, televisions are popping up on nature strips across the country, ready for someone to take them away. Sadly, a lot of these boxes end up in landfill, leaching polluting metals and toxins. Send ReNew magazine your ideas, realistic or completely mad, for reusing old television sets. Describe in 100 words or less what an old TV can be recycled into for the good of the planet: the main aims are to keep it out of landfill and to be something fun, useful or completely ridiculous. Ideas for what to do with particular parts are welcome too.

We look forward to seeing the ideas that result.

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