How to Wake up in a Field


An uninformed publication recently referenced TreeHugger as the granola-Birkenstock crowd. We briefly choked on our granola. But perhaps this line of recycled French antiques is representative of how far some dirty phrases in that category (which never included TreeHugger, as our educated reader knows) like "one with nature" have come.

Each one-of-a kind piece in New York-based Chair Couture's green collection is a bold, contemporary splash of the outdoors. Founder Margaret Elman reupholsters finds with her own nature-inspired recycled polyester and organic cotton fabrics--say sunlight glinting through the trees, dappled water, a field of gently waving dandelions, and grass so lush it looks in need of a mow.


Pieces include a carved French country bed frame, circa 1930 with original gray-green patina; a pair of ornately carved French armchairs, circa 1900 with original water gilt patina; and a carved French chaise, circa 1920, with original weathered verdigris patina.

We like that Elman's green designs are also a not-so-subtle reminder about what there is to protect. Via ::Chair Couture More on recycled furniture ::Recycled Furniture at Reside ::100% Recycled Lawn Furniture ::Participate! Runner-Up: Forever Furniture ::Street Furniture Revamped in Eco-Style

Images courtesy of Chair Couture.

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