How to recycle a 747. Sort of.

Treehugger loves recycling and loves modern architecture, so how could we not cover this- building a house out of parts of a 747. "The jet's wings will rest on thick concrete walls, forming the roof of a multilevel main house. The nose will point to the sky, becoming a meditation chamber, with the cockpit window a skylight. The first-class cabin will be an art studio. The signature bulge on the top of the 747 will become a loft. A barn will house rare domestic animals. A yoga studio, guest house and caretaker's cottage will round out the compound, all made of 747 components.

And of course it is very ecologically correct-
"We are trying to use every piece of this aircraft, much like an Indian would use a buffalo," says Architect David Hertz. Says the owner:"It's 100% post-consumer waste," she says. "Isn't that the coolest?" ::Wall Street Journal via ::architectnophilia