How to Make Toy Air Ships, Ray Guns and Much More from Old Tin Cans


Photos Courtesy of Tinplate Girl

If you try to live sustainably, chances are you recycle the tin cans that once fed you soup or mints. But there are lots of good reasons not to, and the alternative is upcycling them yourself. We've featured lots of DIY projects making cool things out of old tins, and now a new web site dedicated to giving you a lot more has been launched. offers a slew of cool, creative things to make from tinplate, plus lots of instructional videos.


The team behind the site is made up of Adriane (Tinplate Girl) and Marc (Tinplate Dad). With backgrounds in design and architecture, respectively, both are DIY enthusiasts who want to share their passion with others. includes nine videos on how to work with tinplate, where to find it, and the various techniques the projects call for.


Then there are the projects themselves- 26 for the moment, with more to come. From miniature grain elevators and air ships to jewelry and switchplates, each offers the chance to make a fun, useful or silly project. Although you're following directions, your choice of tin can design can make the creations colorful and unique.

The only downside is that with the exception of a few freebies, the instruction manuals come with a price tag (between $3 and $10).


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