How to Make Milk Jugs Lighter? Take the Handle Off


File this in the "little changes make a big difference" file: British milk bottle producer Nampak is working with milk supplier Dairy Crest on a pilot project to take the handle off one- and two-pint plastic milk bottles. Why? The handle-free bottle would be about 10 percent lighter, according to the UK recycling organization backing the project, WRAP. That would mean cost savings to go along with a reduction in carbon emissions, and less waste. And if the design is taken up by the whole dairy industry in the UK, it could cut the use of high density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic by 5,000 tons a year.

Peter Skelton, from WRAP, said: "Plastic milk bottles are probably the most common plastic item found in household waste and manufacturers and brand owners have taken the current handled designs as far as they can go in terms of lightweighting. The vital next step is perfecting a handle-free design which works for the consumer." Who knew a little handle design change could make such a big difference? ::Food Production Daily via ::Core77

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