How To Make A Tiny Shed Feel Like A Luxury Addition

aeriloft green living show photo

Why is there such a proliferation of garden shed designs? Because in most places a shed under 100 square feet is unregulated by zoning or building code rules. It is essentially not a building. Martin Liefhebber of Breathe Architects pushes the envelope a bit with his latest model, built for the Green Living Show in Toronto: He extends his roof over a sort of exterior vestibule to create a feeling of more space.

Martin Liefhebber's new shed design from Lloyd Alter on Vimeo.

aeriloft green living show photo interior

Inside, it has a wood stove in a metal-lined niche to one side;

aeriloft green living show photo roof

And of course, a green roof of sedum.

aeriloft green living show photo exterior

Like last year's aerieLOFT, it has Martin's trademark canoe-like curving roof that really does have a feeling of warmth and comfort.

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