How To Deal With Rising Water Levels: Build an Ark

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Sun Hung Kai Properties

Hong Kong's Kwok brothers built an ark to biblical specifications, 300 cubits long, 50 wide and 30 high (Bill Cosby: Riiiight. What's a cubit? About 18 inches), but theirs doesn't go anywhere, it is built on land. The Wall Street Journal does a photo essay of some of the others floating around:

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Greenpeace built one on the top of Mount Ararat to warn of "impending climate disaster" but it isn't to scale and doesn't look like it will float too well.

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The biggest floating ark is Johan Huibers' half size Dutch version, open to the public and which even has its own website.

See more arks in various states of construction at the Wall Street Journal

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Pastor Richard Greene is building a big steel one in Maryland, but has run out of money. More at God's ark of Safety.

Not to be outdone, TreeHugger is pleased to offer our own set of instructions for those wishing to build their own, from a book printed in 1669 that I bought at a country auction:

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here are the plans and elevations

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and here are the specs, from source in:

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