How to Build With Roundwood Timber Framing (Video)

roundwood timber framing photo

Image credit: Permaculture Media

While regenerative coppice forestry may be struggling to take off in the US, in the UK Ben Law's stunning woodland house has shown many people around the world that there are a myriad of ways to work with our woodlands to create building materials, fuel and food from what surrounds us. Roundwood timber framing is one such technique that uses the natural strength and beauty of wood in its most natural form. Who better to demonstrate it to us than Ben Law himself?Because roundwood framing works with trees in as natural a form as possible, it preserves the structural integrity of the wood—not to mention the unique beauty of each individual tree. And by using roundwood alongside sustainable coppicing, and other low-impact building techniques like strawbale construction, it is perfectly possible to build an efficient, low impact home from primarily locally sourced materials.

The video below is a trailer for a 90-minute instructional DVD called Roundwood Timber Framing that promises to offer a step-by-step design and build process for creating beautiful structures from locally sourced, sustainable materials. Also available is a companion book showing full color photographs and detailed illustrations of the joints demonstrated in the DVD.

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