How to Build a Tiny, Off-Grid House for $2500 (Video)

tiny off grid house photoPaul Wheaton/Video screen capture

From life inside a tiny, 7'x12' portable house to touring an infamous roundhouse, we've been pretty fascinated by the DIY tiny house movement. Here's a great video on how to build your own tiny, cordwood, off-grid roundhouse—including some detailed tips and ideas on both the drawbacks and strengths of this particular approach.

Uploaded by Paul Wheaton—the same chap who brought us videos on how to build "hugelkultur" raised beds, and making organic lawn fertilizer from moldy hay—what I like about this video is not just the tour of an awesome, unique dwelling. It's refreshing to also see full and frank discussion of the drawbacks and difficulties encountered on any particular project.

tiny off grid house photoPaul Wheaton/Video screen capture

The search for truly sustainable living is a journey, and nobody has it all figured out yet. So the more we can be honest—both with ourselves, and those we communicate with—about our victories and our mistakes, the more likely we are to navigate a viable path forward.

For more information on the venue of this video, check out this blog post by Mr Kraft Does Life on Feral Farm's off grid way of life.

tiny off grid house photoPaul Wheaton/Video screen capture

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