How to make a building using bottles

bottle building photo
© artlife via Instructables

We love buildings made of bottles. They're odd, beautiful, practical, and of course the fact that they are made primarily of recycled materials is a big bonus. Over the years we've highlighted bottle buildings from around the world, and now an entrant in the Instructables Green Design Contest shows you how to make one in your own backyard.

How to make a Bottle building by artlife walks you through the steps for using glass bottles -- and lots of them! -- along with a few other materials to create a decorative and sturdy one-room cabin or shed. The buildings are art in and of themselves, too:

"We have built two bottle buildings. One is a small storage building made with a variety of different bottles. The other is a larger building made primarily of wine bottles, with design accents made of old ashtrays, glass floats, candy dishes, glass blocks and Japanese floats, this building was originally built as a small concert space that will seat 50 people plus a small stage. We have also hosted art shows in the space."

bottle building photo© artlife via Instructables

This project is entered in the Green Design Contest on Instructables. The contest is still open for entries for the rest of the week so if you have a project you want to enter, hurry on over! You can also look through the hundreds of other entries and vote on your favorites.

How to make a building using bottles
You've seen the photos of homes made from old bottles, but did you ever think you could make your own? You can, and here's how.

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