Hova Design's FabricPots: Lightweight, Durable Flower Pots


In a great example of form following function, Hova Design's FabricPots eschew the more traditional clay in favor of recycled polyester and recyclable plastic for plant and flower pots, checking in at just 1/4 the weight of their earthenware brethren. The "the world’s first decorative containers made from waterproof and breathable fabric" helps the soil aerate and breathe, and the lightweight, collapsible design cuts back on shipping weight and volume as well.

Much like something you might see on a Nau garment, the sleeves, which rely on the volume of soil for stability, allow air and water vapor to penetrate but are impervious to liquid water; they're also washable (and the base dishwasher-safe), making it easy to reuse the "pots". Because of the flexible fabric, they're also less prone to breaking when dropped or exposed to a freeze. They come in a couple of designs, patterns and colors, available directly from their site; lots more gardening tips at our How to Green Your Gardening guide. ::Hova Design

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