House of Three Metal Boxes by Pierre Morency


Architect Pierre Morency has entered this house for the Marcel-Parizeau Prize (single family residential under $ 150,000) awarded by the Quebec Order of Architects. My French is execrable so I apologise if I mangle this, and once again whine about the evils of flash.

Built for himself and conjointe Julie Robert in Beulac-Garthby, Quebec, the house is designed so that an axis is created from the road to the water and then out onto the dock; it passes through the house in the space between the two lower boxes.


Below you can see the walkway marked out on the floor


Athough in this shot one can see the traditional problem in trying to live in containers or narrow boxes- they can be hard to furnish.


The architect says that it is traditional in the area to take a chainsaw to all the trees between the house and the lake, which he refused to do, so there is not much of a view. We think it looks just fine among all of the trees.




::Pierre Morency Architecte thanks, Harry!

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