House of Furniture: Chairs that Pop Out of Walls


So you suddenly need a home office with a little privacy. Off you got to the neighborhood CNC shop, pick out a few sheets of FSC ply and a copy of The House of Furniture Parts by Studio Makkink & Bey. Bungee them to your cargo bike and off you go.


Once home, or in a loft somewhere or in the backyard as a shed if you can figure out what to clad it with, you fasten them all together and you have a shed. Punch out what you need for furniture: chairs, tables, a few stools for guests.



Architecture, furniture and storage all in one. Studio Makkink & Bey took standard sheets of ply and with CNC cutting, created a miniature house to stand within larger interiors of offices, studios and lofts. With walls of stool, bench and table parts that easily come out and assemble, the functionability and character of the house can be changed as more or less furniture is used.


A good demonstration of the promise of downloadable designs. More at Droog via Mocoloco.

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