House in Anting by Ippolito Flietz


German "indentity architects" Ippolito Flietz Group produced this for a competition in Anting, China a few years ago, and while the materials are not the least bit green, the design, and particularly the small size and efficiency, is interesting. Architectspeak follows:


"The rational frame of the given structure will be set in dialog with an organic three dimensional system of walls. The individual rooms have distinct functions, yet the transitions between the rooms are fluid and, in part, have disappeared. The rooms surrender their autonomy in favor of the overall space, but are united through an element that connects all rooms. The wood cladded construction weaves through the apartment, layers and zones the space and gives new and more dynamic perspectives."


"Aesthetic form and daily usage are woven together in such a way as to avoid any suggestion of a hierarchical relationship. The weaving element will be a steel structure with a cladding in walnut veneered wood. Furnitures will be out of Corian and Brass. Wall surfaces are covered with glass mosaic or just coated with distinct colors. In the bathrooms all elements are Corian and mosaic. The glass facade in the master bathroom will be made out of electro chrome glass which you can switch from translucent to transparent."




It ain't green, but it sure is an interesting, tight little plan. ::Ippolito Flietz via ::Cube Me

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