House in a Suitcase

This week's Sunday New York Times had an amazing article about two people surviving thousands of feet up on El Capitan on a sleeping platform hanging from a rope, living through blizzards in an incredibly small space under impossible conditions. Their equipment held out, and this treehugger considered what it would be like if our home furnishings were so well designed, so efficient, so multi-functional.

Thus we were thrilled when Ricardo Flores and Eva Prats Arquitectes sent us pictures of their "House in a Suitcase"There is so much about this that we like. The bed slides into a drawer rather than being a Murphy-type fold-up- murphy's require good discipline, make the bed and tie down the straps and fold it up- a drawer is so much better- when the doorbell rings and your mother is behind it, shove it closed and everything is hidden. And the kitchen- so many of us have a New York Fridge- nothing in it but a grapefruit and a bottle of champagne- why does it take up so much space?

Ideas like this have so much promise- Instead of taking what the developers offer you, take space and add your personal mix to it. It is the urban equivalent of camping equipment- find a space and inhabit it.


here is the bed side, with the works in the drawer.

here is the kitchen, all folded up.

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