House HB Blends Into Slovenian Landscape


One can plunk a two storey house on a big lot in the Slovenian suburbs, "surrounded by accumulation of anonymous cliché two story individual houses," or you can "define another kind of domestic environment. The house HB is a redefinition of a specific from of traditional house, of low and elongated rural typology."

While we have not shown a lot of big suburban houses on TreeHugger for a while, the HB house by Matija Bevk and Vasa J. Perović of bevk perović arhitekti has some interesting attributes that are worth noting.


Where traditionally a two storey house sits on top of the ground, the HB house is dug into the landscape, with the bedrooms in the lower level and the living area above. In North America it would be considered a "walk-out basement" and the floor area of the house would be calculated as 120 square meters or 1250 SF; it totals 240 M2 or about 2500 SF in the architects calculation.

By putting the living spaces upstairs in a "french farmhouse" plan, one gets to take advantage of the roof structure's architecture and the views are better. Trees provide shelter from the sun.


"The house, situated on top of a low hill, appears like a transparent object rising from the ground. Despite its dominant position, the house seems to merge with the landscape.
At second glance, it also looks like a kind of prototype house, a very basic 'icon' of a house as if drawn by a child. The roof and side facades are clad in the same material, aluminium plates, which merge the surfaces together, leaving the house smooth, without any ornamental details. The house appears as a sign, as a model of the house."



Detailing is minimalist to the point of invisibility- it appears from the section that those slots on the roof actually divert water to hidden internal eavestroughs, which I hope do not fill up with leaves.


It takes the traditional suburban house, turns it upside down and takes advantage of the trees, and opens up for natural ventilation. Nice. ::archiweb

Photos by Miran Kambič
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