House & Garden March 2007: Color & Design


House & Garden's March issue is all about color, and even has a few tips about TreeHugger's favorite hue. They stop in to visit Rizal Coleman (page 54), who owns Architectural Coatings+Design Center in Los Angeles, to talk green paint and wall finishes (and not just the color, in this case). Coleman opened the Center last November, after spending six years developing paints for an upscale brand and inhaling chemicals that were hard on his sinuses; now, after making the switch to nontoxic, VOC-free paints, "I derive such joy from testing new colors," he says, and we think anyone who buys his paints will probably feel the same once they go up on the walls. As a special bonus in the issue, readers will find H&G;'s "little black book of design," a handy, pocket-sized reference guide to the best in home design, from furniture and fabrics to lighting and laundry, that's the result of polling 20,000 designers and decorators from across the country. They give a nod to some great green design in New York, with Q Collection, Cambium Studio and Vivavi, and TreeHugger is flattered to be included in their favorite websites alongside design powerhouses Apartment Therapy and design*sponge. Pick up the issue for more,
take a closer look at Rizal Coleman's shop and offerings over at, check out the full list of the Designers' Best at their site and get more green design at TreeHugger's H&G; blog. ::House & Garden March 2007

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