House & Garden February 2007: "Eco Chic"


This month, House & Garden magazine takes the green lifestyle for a test drive with a couple of interviews and articles featuring some of the best in TreeHugging design and ideas. They hang out at home with Paulette Cole (page 15), leader of ABC Home (whom we've featured here, here and here), who walks her store's talk with quips like, "An Inconvenient Truth is like my bible. It informs my daily choices from conscientious consumerism to carbon neutrality. I only bring organic food and cleaning products into my home." She's also a big fan of compact fluorescent bulbs and biodynamic wine (watch our TreeHuggerTV episode about earth-friendly vino here). There's also "20 Ways to Live Green" (page 29), an "Eco Chic" feature with products, tips and resources for making your home and your life blissfully green. While there isn't a whole lot that TreeHugger hasn't seen before, it's a pretty good cross-section of stuff, people and ideas, from Clint Eastwood's "Tehema" development to Method cleaning products, WorldChanging's book to IKEA's PS collection and Odegard rugs to Q Collection's furniture. They also tracked down sustainability guru Bill McDonough at his home in Virginia for a quick q & a (page 35), where he talks about the cradle to cradle concept, making a greener home, and the new ideas that excite him most. House & Garden also has some of the better web support for its print mag out there; there are more green tips on the site, and, in support of the green living ideas, TreeHugger will be providing a tip each day this month in our HG blog. Read more at ::House & Garden.