House for Booklovers is an Off-Grid Wood Wonder

bc book house entrance photo

All image credits: Gillean Proctor
Wood Design and Building shows us a house for booklovers on a remote island in the Juan de Fuca Strait off the coast of British Columbia, designed by Helliwell + Smith, AKA Blue Sky Architecture. It is completely off-grid but on the north side of the island, setting up "a dichotomy between ocean views and sunshine." It is designed to both harvest sunlight to the south and frame views to the north.The island has a large deer population, so the housed is built around a courtyard garden surrounded by a sort of cloisters and accessory garden sheds to keep the deer out of the middle.

bc book house library photo

The library shelving creates the circulation space and book display.

Building materials had to be either brought in by barge or found on site, so the Douglas Fir used for the cloisters was milled from trees cleared for the house. The rest was locally harvested and milled on Vancouver Island.

bc book house courtyard photo

The roof is designed for optimum solar panel placement, natural ventilation and light penetration. Other features of interest include rainwater harvesting, full off-grid photovoltaics and low voltage lighting, natural materials, and careful design to optimise passive heating and cooling, including large overhangs and high performance windows.

bc book house interior photo

Nice work from Bo Helliwell and Kim Smith.

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