Hotel Design: Getting Rid of the Ick Factor


Ron Barrett, New York Times

We talk about healthy houses all the time, getting rid of carpets and drapes that harbour all kinds of little critters, dealing with air quality and using natural materials. The hotel chains are catching on, and are beginning to offer hypoallergenic hotel rooms. They have wood floors, wood slat blinds, dust mite liners on beds and pillows. According to the New York Times:

This much cleanliness might seem a bit neurotic. But it’s not enough anymore for hotels seeking health-conscious patrons to serve organic cuisine and offer all-natural bath products. As more hotels try to set themselves apart, a new amenity is emerging: the hypoallergenic hotel room.

The concept isn’t aimed just at the allergic, but also at guests who are concerned with what might be called the ick factor. “The whole thing is geared toward ‘What about the guy before me?’

Evidently both occupancy rates and rack rates are higher. As one who never touches the bedspread in a hotel room I can see why. ::New York Times