Honda Cub Concept by Sam Jilbert

We are sure that if the photo of this concept gets in the right hands, this great fuel cell motorcycle design will appear in the next Spielberg sci-fi movie. It's a perfect fit with the kind of clean and minimalist yet unusual image of our future that a certain part of Hollywood has been showing us lately (I Robot and Minority Report come to mind). Sam Jilbert, the designer who created this concept for a Transportation Design course at Northumbria University, explains: "I've based this concept around the Honda Cub, which has been around for decades and is still very popular on the continent with locals and tourists alike. The Cub is very practical but this concept takes it to a new level, with a provocative image and being environmentally responsible, the new Cub should appeal to young city professionals and the young trendy market in general." Who knows if we'll ever see motorcycles shaped like that on the streets? But it's still a really cool concept.

Thanks to Takashi Yamada of Yanko Design for the tip!

::College Exhibition: Northumbria University Show 2005, via ::Yanko Design