Home-working from Small Spaces in Nashville


The Onion

Two trends that we talk about often at TreeHugger are 1) Living with less, that "the key to sustainability is to simply use less. And, the key to happily using less is to design things better." Consequently we show a lot of small space designs like the MiniHome, the micro-compact house and micro-dwellings.. 2) Another trend we follow closely is working from home, shedworking and telecommuting, which save a lot of energy and infrastructure.

That is why we are so impressed with the Onion's coverage of Nashville Predator goalie Dan Ellis, who has moved into his net. He takes care of it too, in true TreeHugger fashion. Defenseman Ryan Suter says "Dan really knows every single square inch of that ice," Suter said, adding that he too might try sleeping in his skates. "He was always screaming 'Get out of the backyard! Go over there around the recycling bin! Set up there, where my bike is parked!' and I end up exactly where I need to be to make a play." To top it off, he is a locavore, eating only hot dogs, popcorn, peanuts, beer, and soda purchased from vendors in the stands. More in ::the Onion

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