Home made chairs are DIY and accessible

This table and chairs set is called Home Made for lots of good reasons.

They are made out of plywood: one sheet yields two chairs. They are completely flatpack and can be hand assembled by the users without need for any tools.

Designed by New York architects Bade Stageberg Cox, they have a minimalist aesthetic.

First shown at the Armory Show in New York earlier this month, they were created as part of a collaboration to make furniture for low income people. The furniture will be given to people in need, including families moving from homeless shelters into housing and those recovering from Hurricane Sandy.

The Planar chair is a conceptual project: the goal was to:

reduce a chair to the fewest planes according to their geometry, function and use. While the planes are expressed as simple rectangles, their orientation in space registers the non-Cartesian angles of the human body at rest. The planes intersect equally, so that no plane dominates the others.

It's made out of plywood and each chair locks together without glue or fasteners, like a wooden puzzle. If you were at the Armory Show in New York, and had a seat...let us know how long you lasted in it.

A simple bench, also at the Armory Show.

This extension to a suburban New York house was created using sustainable design principles, including siting it to save large tree branches. The interior staircases, flooring and furniture were made out of the wood of dead oak trees found on site and milled locally.

Home made chairs are DIY and accessible
These tables and chairs are easily made and assembled .

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